Wednesday, May 20, 2020

First thing you need to know on the way of learning Quran is Arabic Alphabet. If you properly know all Arabic alphabet, you are 50% done! So never think you can't but think you can. Below are two type of every letters, blues are small and black are capital, read all those letters in 4 directions as shown with the arrows. Read again and again until you can identify each of them separately.

Now test yourself, try to identify below letters until you instantly recognize all of them just after seeing.

Now see below image, there are few Ayah from Indo-Pak print Quran and few letters are marked with red and blue, your task is try to identify Red & blue letters. 

Again try to identify colored letters from below image. This type taken from Saudi Arabia Printed Quran.

Now if you think you can identify each of the letters take this test to determine yourself. This automated multiple choice questions takes only few minutes to complete. You can see the result instantly how much point you achieve.