Here is a short listed index of what you need to know for learning Qur'an. Know below definitions and rules then you could able to read Quran Insa'Allah.

For easing your learning download our App from google play store, if you are iPhone or computer user download .pdf version of that app from this link. When you are done read carefully all the instructions and try to recognize those definitions and rules directly in the Quran so you can get familiar with all those rules. Don't afraid to learn and read Quran although it is feel harder to you, rather afraid you are not learning and reading yet!

Step 1

If you think you are completed learning all the rules and definitions listed above then don't forget to go next level for practicing those for getting more familiar with. 

For more easier and offline learning Install app or download PDF file from below links.

Download LearnQuran.pdf for Computer Reading.

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